Coffee Shots is the first social marketplace App for coffee lovers. With the Coffee Shots App you can find home baristas around you to get a coffee and have a real conversation.If you walk into a  (third wave) coffee bar nowadays nearly everybody is staring at a screen. Hardly any conversations take place. New connections are difficult because of this.

How cool is it if you can meet up with another person with a passion for coffee? In your own neighbourhood! Coffee Shots is a peer to peer marketplace for coffee lovers and home baristas.

Coffee Shots smartphone application

Coffee Shots is an App for Android and iOS that gets you an honest coffee at a home barista in your neighbourhood.
How the App works:
You are on your way and feel like a tasty coffee, With the Coffee Shots application you can see which home baristas are open. In the profile of the home barista you can see their rating/ reviews/ expertise. What their coffee specialties are and what equipment is being used. Based on that information you request a visit with the home barista of your choice. After approval you will be enjoying a good coffee in minutes at the kitchen table, or take one to go. You pay the home barista an honest price via the App (beta version only Paypal). The revenue will be shared with the coffee farmer. This is unique! That's how we make coffee honest again for everyone.!
Enlist as home barista!!
Everyone can become a home barista. It doesnot matter what kind of machine, coffee or brew method you use. The ratings/reviews will tell how good you are and how busy you will become. You decide when you will be open. Now you can share your espresso machine with your neighbours. You will support the coffee farmer directly if you make sure people pay you with the App for your coffees